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by Gerardine ‘Organik D’va’ Jeune

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Last weekend I visited Toronto for the MMVAs and we were blessed enough to stay at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel for two nights. First I must say that when I heard that it was an ‘ urban zen’ style  hotel I became curious. Nowadays, everything is ZEN! We are surrounded by ‘zen’ inspired places, numurous places use the ‘Feng Shui’ concept and creating positive energy around us. I am all about that my dear readers but I believe in respecting others and how they choose to live their lives and the Cosmopolitan Hotel has achieved just that, finding a way to be authentic but not invasive.

They assume their identity with integrity which is commandable. For example on the website, they use words like  ‘ essence of balance‘  and ‘natural energies‘, for some people it may sound fancy and a little ‘esoteric’  but when you get there, these principles are present but subtle and subtlety is key!

When you enter the hotel you are instantly greeted with a beautiful smile from the reception (I must say that they were very kind and respectful) so that is always a good way to start the journey. Once you register and are ready to go up to your room you get a complimentary incense for the room (you get to pick the scent! ). I personally think it is a wonderful idea and there is no pressure, I mean, you can refuse if incense is not your thing.

The rooms are very comfortable and simply decorated, just the way I would decorate my space! You will notice in the pictures, they have a prominent piece of art on the walls. It gives the room a very classy feel to it! Instantly I felt that I was at the right place at the right time :-)

After dropping of our suitcases (well I had a suitcase! I am not a light packer! haha) we went downstairs to eat at the hotel’s restaurant/lounge Eight Wine Bar and tried different things on the menu. I had a burger (beef, old cheddar, prosciutto, onion tempura) with fries and Myriam had a poutine (truffle oil, old cheddar, pork) and we were both satisfied by our choices! The prices are very reasonable too, nothing fancy…just good food!

My burger…

Myriam’s poutine…

They also have the Shizen spa in the building that looked flawless! To be honest with you, we didn’t take the time to try any treatments but I would still recommend it and would love your comments once you try the spa! We will go back later on in the summer so we will keep you posted!

The Shizen Spa

Rest assured if you are ‘zen’ oriented but your partner isn’t, you will have a wonderful time, trust me! It is such a great setting to be in. All of this ‘zen’ conversation has got me thinking, what do we all ultimately want as human beings ?! Let’s put aside spirituality and religion for a second. What do we all want!??….think about it… I believe that we just want to feel good! I don’t know anyone who would tell me ‘no i don’t want to feel good’. We all are looking for ‘feel good’ moments!

Designer Penthouse

The Cosmopolitan Hotel gave me that ‘feel good’ moment ; beautiful hotel, kind personnel, great ambiance! The whole time I was in the room, aside from the CN tower that was right there through the window , I almost forgot where I was! ;-)

****view CN tower***

I went to sleep feeling good and I woke up feeling good…mission accomplished!

Visiting hotels is so much fun!  With a loved one or alone, book a hotel room in your own city  and enjoy the feeling… it is worth it!

Love always!

Organik D’va

**Editor’s note : Stay tune for tomorrow’s “Toronto: Afternoon at the market”



The web:

The door: 8 Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1E1

call: 1.800.958.3488

The food: Eight Wine Bar

Relax… @ the Shizen Spa

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