Banana Republic Pre-Holiday Collection: Inspired by Anna Karenina

By Geri

It is always a treat to see the costume designs in movies, especially the ones that are dedicated or inspired by a certain era. Be it the 20’s or the 70’s, fashion plays a big role to get us enthralled in the story. In 1877 TolstoÏ came out with a book that was considered at that time and today as a litteraty masterpiece, Anna Karenina.

Anna Karenina novel by Tolstoy

Many directors have adapted this novel and this time it is Joe’ Wright (Pride and Prejudice and The Soloist) turn to come out with his adaptation of the romantic russian novel.

Coming soon.... in the meantime look at the costumes! lovely!

Banana Republic who are always innovating with fun and unconventional inspirations for their collecitons,  caught on the hype for this movie that is set to come out mid-november and created a fabulous collection for him & her that is reminiscent of the Russian Royalty.

Sneak peek from the collection. credit:

The Anna Karenina collection from Banana Republic contains clothes and accessories with velvet, ‘faux-fur’ and lace which are staple fabrics that were used in that era.


Men's Collection! loving the length of the pants!

Lace and crystal collar (85$)


Woven pleated dress-175$

The complete look with the 'Faux fur' hat (174$ for the hat)

This holiday season, I see black texture and elegance, Banana Republic style! This collection is out in stores on October 31st!

яркие яркие любовь мода!


Happy almost holidays! ;)


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