Sexy Spring 2013 Lingerie by Addition Elle

by Geri

Nowadays the spotlight is on curvy girls. There a numerous blogs, articles, artists that are simply embracing their curves and trying to show the world the ‘real’ representation of women today. As a plus size model, I am happy that there is more attention on the matter. I simply believe that just like thin girls see pics and clothes that they can identify with, well curvy women are allowed that same opportunity!

Addtion Elle has always been on the forefront of that movement even before it became a trend. Having the right clothes is always a plus but even more, wearing sexy underwear also is a plus!

To be honest with you, I often feel that after a C-cup it gets harder to find really nice lingerie without  paying triple the price for the extra fabric!  We were invited to an unveiling of the latest collection from Addition Elle and I really enjoyed it! I will even add, pleasantly surprised! ;)  The campaign ad for the collection with the wonderful Ashly Graham simply seals the deal!



Ashley Graham in a lazy sunday mood 

photo 1 (10)

The color is just right!  (my pic from the office) 

photo 3 (7)

My instagram pic to showcase the cute details


photo 2 (9)

This ‘ensemble’ is by far my favorite! From the color to the design…perfecto!

photo 5 (2)

You can never go wrong with lace….NEVER! ;) 

photo 4 (4)



Look at how hot it is when you have it on! 


So this collection is available in an Addition Elle store near you!

Connect with Addtion Elle:


Facebook: Addtion Elle

Twitter: @AddtionElle

It is not about how thin or or curvy you are….healthy is the new sexy! 


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